NüüD items are designed by ceramic artist Mariana Laan. By using a variety of materials and combining techniques, Mariana creates designer tableware, ceramic sculptures and installations.

"For me, in art and design, but also more widely in everything that surrounds me, composition is everything. I’ve always sought aesthetic regularity. I admire shapes and spaces to which there’s nothing to add because of their perfect simplicity. I enjoy working with my hands and the freedom that lies in working with clay and similar materials."




2011-2014 Estonian Academy of Arts, BA, Faculty of Design, Ceramics

2004-2006 University of Tartu, MA, faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Econometrics

2000-2004 University of Tartu, BA, faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Public Economics


Group Exhibitions:

2013 „Plates” – overview of Estonian porcelain painting“, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, 

2013 „Arhitectonics“, EKA-G Gallery , Tallinn

2013 Pop-Up exhibition in EKA–G Gallery at conference „Ceramics 90“, Tallinn

2014 Tallinn Flower Festival, garden design project “Magic Garden”

2015  “Lab Conditions”,  Stuudio NüüD, Tallinn Design Festival 2015

2016 "Neighbours", Summer exhibition in ARTEK, Helsinki

2016 “now! Le off”, Paris Design Week 2016

2016 Estonian Design exhibition “Size Doesn’t Matter”, Festival Les Boréales, Caen, France

2016 “Estonian Contemporary Design”, Nelja Nurga Galerii, Estonia

2017 “Food and Vessel”, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn

2017 Estonian Design exhibition “Size Doesn’t Matter”, Paris,  France

2019 "ehe" ESTONIA, Tokyo, Japan

2019 "Europe's Designing Women", Linz, Austria

2021 Permanent exhibition "Introduction to Estonian Design", Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallin, Estonia

2022 "Edges: Peripheries" , The Ceramic House, Brighton, UK

2022 "Looking through objects: Women in Contemporary Polish  and Estonian Design", ETDM, Tallinn, Estonia 

Tableware design projects:

2014  Restaurant Leib (Leib Restoran OÜ), Tallinn, Estonia - tableware design (bread platter)

2016  Restaurant Korsten (Kortsen, Armastus & Hea Toit), Tallinn, Estonia - design and creation of tableware sets (porcelain vases, candle holders, ceramic containers)

2016 Bold Concept Store; Riga, Latvia - latte sets and plates for Bold Cafe

2017 Restaurant Parrot Minibar, Tallinn, Estonia - tableware design (bowls and plates)

2017 Restaurant Noa Chef's Hall, Tallinn, Estonia - tablewere design (bowls and plates)

2018 Restaurant Maarjamäe (Carmen Grupp), Tallinn, Estonia - tableware design  (cream jugs, sugar bowls, bread and butter plates)

2018 Restaurant Sfäär, Tallinn, Estonia - tableware design (dessert plates)

2021 Restaurant Noa Chef's Hall, Tallinn, Estonia - unique tableware

2022 Restaurant Tuljak, Tallinn, Estonia - dessert plates



KERAKO clay check 2013

Ilmar Palm´s prize 2014


Member of Estonian Ceramists Association since 2017